Gas Cooling Systems


Gas coolers are a part of a typical fuel system on many non-electronic engines in facility equipment. The function of a gas cooler is to cool the heated fuel return flow and realize the purpose of why excess heat needs to be removed from a system.

In an air-cooled heat exchanger, hot process fluid flows through a finned tube. Ambient air passes over the finned tube, which cools the process fluid. The process heat is transferred to the air, which cools the process fluid, and the heated air is discharged into the atmosphere. Air-cooled heat exchangers are fully customized systems used in duties with high temperatures and pressures. These systems are the preferred choice for demanding positions in downstream oil and gas processing, refining and petrochemical industries, combining unmatched operating reliability with low maintenance requirements and minimal energy consumption. Dry air-coolers are engineered-to-order systems used in applications with extreme operating conditions. Experienced engineers take on the most complex design challenges and can assist in all aspects of the design phase including fluid dynamics, fatigue prevention and recommending the best materials for the optimum balance between OPEX and CAPEX. Systems are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are rigorously tested prior to delivery to ensure a long, trouble-free service life. The heat exchangers can be certified according to all leading standards and codes