About Us


About us

Sutech is one of the main Romanian contractors for the construction of compressor stations, and is also a supplier of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Sutech started its activity in 1994 as a supplier of equipment for the oil and gas industry, and later evolved as one of the main companies in Romania involved in EPC projects.

Sutech has an extensive experience in the Romanian oil and gas market, and our EPC projects include gas compressor stations built in Romania, which have both turbo and reciprocating compressors.

In a matter of years, the company became a national industry leader in the sales and servicing of natural gas compression equipment, in custom packages. SUTECH can provide gas compression services tailored precisely to your unique set of needs. We are your best alternatives for compressor repair and maintenance, from regular monthly inspections to repairs and package rebuilds.

In 2017, SUTECH has purchased BAT Medias, a company with extensive experience in the field of oil and gas construction and the transport of heavy / large equipment. BAT Medias has the advantage of construction know-how and a large number of oil & gas construction and transportation equipment. BAT Mediaş holds the following ANRE certificates: EPI (16509), ET (16510), SP (16511) thus allowing it to completely build and authorize / contract oil and gas installations.


BAT Medias SA is a company with a long tradition in the execution of natural gas transmission and distribution systems, developed in an area where the exploitation of natural gas has transformed the city of Medias into one of the main centers for the development of the Romanian industry.

The company specializes in the execution of natural gas transmission systems, natural gas distribution systems and high-pressure closed distribution systems, high-pressure natural gas installations, upstream pipelines and surface technological equipment related to natural gas storage, as well as related installations and equipment (calibration stations, injection stations, compressor stations, etc.). It also carries out small and medium-sized constructions with on-site installation, with an execution authorization from the National Regulatory Authority for Energy, as well as ANRE and ISCIR licenses for our specialists. BAT Medias SA also provides technological transports with tractor units and semi-trailers and offers rental of construction equipment with operators.



We are local leaders in our areas of responsibility with a deep commitment to improvement and development. Our values are based on integrity, honesty and mutual respect. Our customers are the center of our business. We strive to offer quality, exceed our expectations through hard work, creativity and commitment to the customer.



Our company established an integrated quality, environmental, health and security management system in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. SUTECH's quality policy is based on the provision of services to meet market demand through efficiency and profitability and to implicitly meet the expectations and needs of our customers. SUTECH’s products and activities guarantee a high level of professionalism and their quality is an important factor in the progress of our company.



At SUTECH we are committed to conducting our business with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. We firmly believe in fair and transparent practices, and we actively promote an anti-bribery culture within our organization. Our company upholds the principles of conducting business ethically and with integrity, and complies with all applicable anti-bribery laws andregulations in countries and regions where it operates. Sutech applies a "zerotolerance" approach towards corruption.

Our Anti-Bribery Policy:

SUTECH has established a comprehensive Anti-Bribery Policy to guide our employees and stakeholders in their interactions with third parties. This policy strictly prohibits any form of bribery, whether direct or indirect, in all our business dealings, including but not limited to interactions with customers, suppliers, government officials, and competitors.