Pipeline Systems


A pipeline system consists of pipes, fittings, pumps, booster stations , storage facilities connected to the pipe, intake and outlet structures, flowmeters and other sensors, automatic control equipment including computers, and a communication system.

Our offer includes:

  • Execution, rehabilitation or securing of natural gas pipelines with diameters up to 1200 mm;
  • Execution or rehabilitation of natural gas distribution systems closed distribution systems, as well as installations related to high-pressure biogas/bio methane production/storage activity, high-pressure gas utilization facilities;
  • Execution or rehabilitation of upstream pipelines and surface technological facilities related to the storage of natural gas;
  • Execution of regulating metering stations – measuring natural gas operating under high-pressure regime;
  • Execution of water reservoir stations;
  • Execution of related facilities for natural gas compressor stations;
  • Execution of technological hubs;
  • Execution of water and underground pipelines under gas pipelines, in a protective or liquefied tube, operating under high-pressure regime;
  • Implementation of water and sewage networks in the urban or outside the built-up areas of localities.